The Moetic Way

A wedding can be quite the investment.  When it’s all said and done, it may be a larger investment than you imagined.  We believe that of all the things you’ll be investing in, it’s important to consider the tangible items you’ll be walking away with.  There are only so many things that you’ll be able to keep with you forever.  So make sure that your investments matter.

We like to invest back in our couples.  Our relationship is much more than a contract or agreement, it’s our job to capture your identity.


The time we spend getting to know every couple directly contributes to capturing their story, and their uniqueness; it helps in our ability to craft a film that is about them, not just about a wedding.

It’s much more than a music video, a highlight reel, or a montage.  We use filmmaking techniques like sound design, cinematography and editing to create a captivating film that bears authenticity.  Every couple we work with we do so with a fresh approach.

You are not paying videographers to hit the record button, but investing in a unique film that will help you relive your day… one of the only physical things you’ll have to take away from your wedding.


People approach their weddings in different ways, some people really just want to throw a big party for their closest friends and family, while others care more about the tiny details and traditions. We want to know what’s important to you, so that we can be ready, aware and equipped to capture those moments.

Our focus is to create the best film we possibly can.  Every wedding package is customized when needed, to best tell the couples story.  Many other companies stress hours of coverage, or number of cinematographers and locations. While all of these factors can contribute to the price of the package, our main concern is making sure we do everything in our power to give you the best film we possibly can. If you value our approach, then you know this investment is much more than a wedding video.  It’s capturing your legacy in the most dynamic form of storytelling.