Style Me Pretty Questions

Recently, Style Me Pretty, the uber-popular wedding blog for the modern bride, emailed us with a list of questions as part of their desire to provide couples with a great resource for choosing the right cinematographer for your wedding. We thought we’d just let you know how we answered their questions.

About You

// StyleMePretty: Do you shoot on film (super 8 or 16mm), digital, or both? What are the advantages to each and is one better than another?

We just shoot digital. Both are great, they each have their own advantages. We’ve just chosen to focus on using DLSRs to tell our stories.

About Cinema

// SMP: What are the different types of cinematic styles? Are some more trendy or classic?

I would break them down into 2 categories. The older style, which I think most people still think about when they think about wedding videos, is more documentarian. Pointing the camera at the action and reacting to it. Not much in the way of story-telling. Our style, and the style which a lot of the top cinematographers in the industry are creating, is more story-telling-centric.

We create short, dynamic films that people love to watch over and over. Instead of reacting to the action, we anticipate it in order to capture multiple, unique angles and shots throughout the day. Everyone knows the script and storyline of a wedding, but we want to edit our films in a way that leaves the viewer not knowing what’s coming next. The key for us in all of this is really getting to know each of our couples very well. While every wedding has the same essential script, each couples’ personality is different and that’s what makes our films each so unique and intriguing.

// SMP: How can we convince brides that are on the fence that they should spend money on their cinematographer?

What’s the most important part of a couples wedding day?

EVERYTHING! They spent hours upon hours thinking and planning for this event and dollars upon dollars making it happen. What’s the one thing that will capture all of those things that happen on that day – the sights, sounds, emotions felt? Video. And not just someone setting up a tripod and pushing record on a camera. You need someone who can make your day come alive over and over again for years to come.

About The Bride

// SMP: What is today’s bride looking for in a cinematographer?

Honestly, we feel like they’re looking for a connection. A team of people who can come in, meld and interact with them and their bridal party and family so that everyone is comfortable with them being there. If we don’t connect with the couple, and they don’t feel like we’re nothing more than friends hanging out with them on their wedding day(who just happen to have cameras), then people aren’t natural in front of the camera and then the film is not authentic. We want our films to be authentic, real. We want people to say, after watching one of our films, ‘wow, I didn’t even know that couple, but after watching that film I feel like I knew them.’ that’s why we feel couples are looking for that connection.

// SMP: What should today’s bride be looking for in a cinematographer?

A connection with them. And obviously someone who can craft a visually beautiful story.

// SMP: Care to share any concerns that today’s bride has in regards to wedding cinema and her big day?

We just want to educate them on what’s out there. The ‘react then shoot’ way of doing things is old and we want them to know there’s tons of great cinematographers around the world pushing the envelope with their films. And on top of that, if they allow that company full creative freedom, instead of trying to micro-manage what they think they want, they’ll end up with a better film. There was some reason they were attracted to that company…just let them do their thing.