Tree + Jos

What can we say? There are no words that can sum up the experience we shared at Tree and Jos’ wedding. It wasn’t the beautiful Ojai California country side that made this wedding unforgettable, or even the amazing Whitman family private residence where they got married. It was being surrounded by so many genuine people and bearing witness to a truly authentic display of love.

Both through work and play we’ve had the opportunity to get to know Tree and Jos over the last year in Portland Oregon. They shoot weddings just like us! As the principal photographers behind Jos Photographers, Tree and Jos are a total artistic inspiration. We are so thankful to have them as friends!

Take a peek at their blog for photos of the entire event.

After quite an eventful day we completed what probably has been our most involved Same Day Edit we’ve produced up to date. Our day started at 9am and the last bit of footage to make the Same Day Edit was captured around 9pm. We also managed to go on a hike with Jos and his buddies, which was a well worth it addition to their film! The unique approach to their ceremony coupled with their beautiful vows made this such a fun film to piece together.



Wedding Date: June 23, 2012
Location: Santa Barbara
Music: "Your First Light My Eventide" by The Echelon Effect
Licensed through:
Equipment: C100, 5D Mark III, Final Cut Pro X
Vendors: Juliana Patrick Photography