Julia + Chris

Julia and Chris are very different individuals but it is so apparent that they fit together in a way that was designed to be. We filmed their wedding in beautiful Bend Oregon. It was such a unique experience because I went to high school with Julia, and her brother was a groomsmen in my wedding over five years ago. Being able to experience their wedding from this perspective was really pretty amazing. It’s another reminder that what we do is important, regardless if we’ve known our couples for years before their wedding or only for a brief period of time.

Wedding Date: October 19, 2013
Location: Bend
Venue: Rock Creek Ranch
Music: "I Sought My Love Beyond the Hill I Found Her Bathed in Waters Still" by Aural Method
Licensed through: TheMusicBed.com
Equipment: C100, 5D Mark III, Final Cut Pro X
Vendors: Jamie Jones Photography